People dating inmates

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Most prisoners will be released into a foreign digital world, a world that has changed by leaps and bounds in the years they spent ‘inside’, and the prison system does nothing to prepare them for that.

Would you help someone in prison understand the new world we live in?

Thanks in advance for viewing my profile and as "I've learned in life if you follow your heart nothing is impossible". I guess it's because I look after myself by working out and I do not smoke, do drugs or drink.

My hobbies when I was on the outside were downhill skiing, roller skating, horseback riding, camping, hiking, swimming and traveling, just to name a few. I'm hoping to correspond with women for friendship and maybe finding my soul mate.

I am a man of great self respect and thrive on relationships built from trust, loyalty and understanding.

I am seeking a woman to begin a pen-pal relationship with and have hopes it may flourish into something greater and long lasting.

There should be no problems waiting to find a strong and steady relationship. The way the LGBT community is moving love sounds like it is just around the corner. I mean I'm not pushing around like a mules, but I can definitely hang. CRIMES: Capital murder DOB: 3-5-77HEIGHT: 5-foot-10 WEIGHT: 190 EYES: Brown HAIR: Black RACE; Hispanic TATTOOS: Yes HOMETOWN: Brownsville, TXWANTING TO WRITE: Gay and straight guys and gals HIV/AIDS Negative ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces MUSIC INTEREST: Classic rock, hard rock, old school rap, Spanish OTHER INTEREST: Playing and listening to sports, artwork, reading, writing COMMENTARY: I am a lonely inmate looking for some lifelong friendships.

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I am open minded, love to laugh, like to learn new things and I’m easy to talk to very respectful. Lawrence Williams (21), Connecticut Hi, I’m here looking for a companion one that can accommodate me from a mental aspect.That means I have almost no connection to the outside world by spending 23 hours a day alone in a cell.So getting a letter from the free world can sure brighten my dark days.I enter into this journey with an open mind and heart in hope of finding true friends and maybe even an amazing woman to fall in love with.If this profile appeals to you then I will patiently await your contact and so look forward to future communications. If you are looking for a good hearted guy, look no further. I'm in good shape and a lot of people think I look younger then I am.

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